Looking for a hotel room in the heart of the action?

We are located smack dab in the middle of Fields Avenue Walking Street. No need for taxis, trikes, or anything. Everything you need is within walking distance right from your room. Even the huge SM Mall is only a 5 to 7 min walk away! There really is no better choice to stay to ensure your vacation time is not wasted and as stress free as possible. Don’t forget that our restaurant is open 24 hrs a day and of course we will deliver it right to your room and when you stay in our hotel, you’ll get a 10 percent discount of all menu items!

Each room gets 6 FREE drink coupons to use in 3 of the top rated bars in town!

Don’t forget, that if you stay with us, you will recieve 10% Discount on the total bill in Kokomos, Restaurant, Angelwitch, Roadhouse and Voodoo!

We have 4 room types and you can find all the details you need below:

Are you the type who says when looking for hotel accommodations, “Ok, how much time am I actually going to spend in my room?” You have places to go, things to see and party the night away but want a no mess, no fuss place to crash or take a rest before heading out again.

This is the room for you. All the amenities you’ll ever need and food delivered fast, hot and delicious to your door and a bed allowing sleep and then up again to action. Our Economy Rooms are the room you have been looking for!

A true value at only Php 1,650 per night



Need a bit more room but still want value for your buck? Our Deluxe Room is the perfect choice for you. A bit more room to stretch out a bit but still not over priced and out of control allowing you to spend your hard earned cash on other areas.

Of course you still have all the amenities and a comfortable bed to sleep in. This option in lodging is a perfect middle ground matching value for quality for the discernible traveler who doesn’t want to mess around but also wants a nice place to stay.

This room is available for Php 1,875 per night



Don’t forget we have a pool! And for those that want quick access and a room in the back of the hotel slightly father back off the main street, our Poolside Rooms are a great choice for those that enjoy some relaxation time hanging out at the pool taking a swim or just getting some R&R time before the night’s activities.

This room again, like all our other options, has all the amenities you expect and desire as well as easy access to that swim to start a perfect day of your vacation. There are many hotel options in Angeles City, and plenty of hotels with pools, but you will be hard pressed to find a great room poolside at a low price like ours.

Our poolside room can be yours for Php 2,250 a night.



Ok, let’s stop messing around.

You know why you’re here in Angeles and you want all the bells and whistles but you don’t want to spend a fortune to feel like a VIP. What is available in this room and all the first class amenities would cost you a small fortune in another hotel.

From the in-room stage with a poll for some live entertainment to a large comfortable bed and entertainment system, the Poolside Deluxe Room is set up for fun with a nod to comfort. Located poolside as well and you have a great room at a great price. Book early as these rooms are very popular!

This fantastic room is only Php 2,700 a night.